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“An avid reader all my life, I've used every format available to the blind. Reading by way of Assistive Media is great! It's like getting an audio magazine anthology but not having to send it back or throw away the tape or CD and clutter the environment. And it's such a friendly way to read, too. Being able to E-mail comments and get answers about them gives the whole process a wonderful family mood.”

--Ilene Sirocca, Pittsburgh PA

Assistive Media was the first internet-based audio reading service for persons with print reading barriers thereby opening a unique avenue of accessibility for many individuals with cognitive, physical, and communication disabilities.  Our narrators provide an engaging solution that allows access to previously inaccessible reading materials leading to greater independence and integration into the mainstream of society and community life.

David H. Erdody


Founded in 1996, Assistive Media is an internet-delivered audio reading service for people with visual or perceptual reading impairments.

Mission statement

Our purpose is to heighten educational, cultural, and quality-of-living standards through the pure enjoyment of reading via the good and useful work of not-for-profit service. 

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"Phonograph books...will speak to blind people without effort on their part"

Thomas Edison, 1877


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